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#1 Bridal Makeup Artist in South Delhi

Are you looking for some a one-stop solution for your makeover? Here we are to give you everything that you are looking for. When you reach us, you will get all the things that you need and that too in style. Starting from your hair treatment till dripping of saree, we are there to assist you in every way. Not only support but when you choose us for the assistance, you are going to avail the service that you will find nowhere else.

Makeover salon is a top name in Delhi around Kotla Mubarak Pur, Defence Colony, South Ex region, especially famed for the top-notch service quality of our specialists and excellent care, out beauty experts will take on you. In terms of service quality, there is absolutely no competitor of us, while our client reputation is considered and that makes us one of the leaders in the bridal make up market too.

Get in touch with Makeover Salon at 1499 street no, Kotla Mubarakpur, New Delhi 110003. Locate us in Map or give us a call to attain our home service, for bridal make up.

Our Core Competence - Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Hair Treating

Our service related to hair treatment is completely external and that is all for makeover purpose. In the service, we also include hair rebonding, where our service is non-equivalent to anyone. Our haircut and hair styling is the best in the city and quality is so much appreciated by the clients that, almost all the bridal makeups in the city are assigned to us. Our extended service of hair spa is also outstanding and the reputation of that too is highly appreciated by our clients.

Facial Treating

In the category of facial treatment, we always remain the top choice for bridal makeup and regular clients too. Highlighting effects, facials, and makeups, everything is our niche of service and that is aided by pedicure and manicure too to provide you a complete solution in everything.

We are the best choice for bridal makeup, which you can avail at our outlet or you can avail our home service for the same too.

Added Services – Some additional service that you will get from us includes body massage, where we provide transgender messages with excellent service quality to relax your muscles and strains. Along with that, our Saree Draping service, especially for the brides is one of the remarkable USP of us. In this case, we provide extended service to any individual too, along with brides.

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Why Choose us

This is the biggest question of all of you. Let us answer you in short and in a crispy way –

We are one of the top names in entire Delhi, in terms of beauty concern. The reason for our fame is considered to be our age in the city, by our competitors, but actually, that is not the right cause. The right reason lies in the quality of the service and the coverage of the service, we provide.

Thus, when someone reaches us, there is nothing that he/she will not get from us. This includes everything that we have mentioned in our Service Page.

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